Unique Pre Wedding Shoots On The Streets Of Mumbai!

Pre wedding shoot is the prologue to a wedding ceremony; a teaser to your happily-ever-after! The trend of professional wedding photography is here to stay and it is the one exception where you must follow the crowd. A pre wedding shoot is where the couple short-lists a bunch of picturesque locations and curates a list of top wedding photographers. The chosen photographer arrives with his ‘magic gadgets’. They then team together to brainstorm about pre wedding photoshoot ideas before reaching the location to make the best of everyone’s time and efforts.

And so, the saga begins- a day full of quirky poses, beautiful frames, out-of-the-box props, colorful costumes and a whole lot of fun. For the best pre wedding shoot, the right location is a must! There’s a plethora of locations in Mumbai that serve the purpose. To best capture the essence of the city, we, at Venue First have curated a list of locations best-suited for a pre wedding shoot in Mumbai

  • Where The Couple First Met

Talking a walk down the memory lane to where it all began is always a good idea. It could be anywhere in Mumbai- at the bus stop, coffee shop, mall, park, restaurant, neighbourhood or your everyday chai stall. The place where you first met ‘the one’ makes for a great pre-wedding shoot location.

  • The Streets, Taxis And Autos

Capture the city’s true charm in your photographs! Take candid pictures while roaming around the lively streets of Mumbai with the architectural marvels as a backdrop. Taxis or autos also make for great shoots! And if you wish to look more euphoric and less conscious in the pictures, bite into mouth-watering vada pao. After all, food makes everyone a lot happier!

  • Kala Ghoda Or Street Art Murals

For the love of art, head to Kala Ghoda which hosts splendid art events. It’s a great location to consider if you want some fun and flair in your pre-wedding shoot pictures. Walk through the lanes of Bandra and Chapel Road where the street murals make for brilliant backgrounds.

  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park

If green is your color, then head to Sanjay Gandhi National Park! As one of the world’s largest protected urban tropical forest, the park has a lot to offer. Take pictures amidst lush greens and the sprawling wilderness. It is, hands down, the ideal location to take evergreen pictures. The Kanheri caves in the park are a plus!

  • Imagica Theme Park

If adventure is what defines your relationship, then let Imagica take you on a roller coaster ride. Get clicked while enjoying the thrill-packed rides. Years later, when you go through the album, these pictures will make you laugh- thanks to the funny expressions that were a result of the adrenaline rush!

  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station

When finalising your pre wedding shoot location, make sure you are on the right track! Considered as the lifeline of Mumbai, local trains are a great way to capture the real essence of the city. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is a favoured pre wedding shoot location for it’s architectural magnificence.

  • Other Iconic Locations

The city of Mumbai is home to countless iconic places- Gateway of India, Marine drive, Bandra Bandstand, Chowpatty, and Juhu Beach- to name a few. All these places have their own distinctive features and are wonderful locations for a pre wedding shoot.

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