Some Cute Things To Include In Your Welcome Hampers!

We have all heard the phrase- ‘Little gestures go a long way!’
Welcome Hampers are those baskets of happiness that help you express what words cannot say. It’s your special day and people have taken out the time to come from different places to give you their best wishes and blessings. As grateful as you are for their presence, it’s almost impossible to run around and tell every one of them how glad you are. Here is where Welcome Hampers are your saving grace. They are little tokens of appreciation and acknowledgement that bring a smile on the everyone’s face.

Some close friends and family members also take the initiative to get you personalized wedding gifts to add that special touch. It’s only fitting that you take an extra step to give them a warm welcome. While they are scrolling through wedding gift ideas to find unique wedding gifts, here’s a list of adorable things to put in your welcome gift hamper so it doesn’t go unnoticed-

  • Something Compact

Bigger is better but good things come in small packages! Get a customized canvas tote bag or basket where all the tiny goodies can be cozily tucked in and are easier for your guests to carry. Incorporate an interesting graphic that highlights the occasion to further personalize the hamper.

  • Something Noteworthy

Welcome notes are the cherry on the top to your wedding ‘Thank You’ gifts. Inside the bag or basket, keep a small note with appreciative words that touch their hearts.

  • Something All-inclusive

Create an interesting graphic or illustrated program guide to give your guests a gist of how the occasion will unfold. It will contain details of the programs or rituals in the order of their commencement. You can also add a sweet spin to it with your personal love story.

  • Something Sweet

Going beyond the cliché! ‘Mithai’ is old news- add a sweet surprise to your hamper to with candy bars, honey, jams or chocolates. They will surely please your guests’ sweet-tooth.

  • Something Savoury

It’s always good to spice things up! Add something savoury in contrast to the sweetness. Dry fruits, nuts or healthy chips- they all make for a delightful snack to much on.

  • Something Mellow

Juice it up with an alcoholic or a non-alcoholic drink! Be it a bottle of wine, beer, mini champagne bottles or delicious juices- make sure that an exotic beverage is a part of the welcome hamper.

  • Something Handmade

With DIY gifts making the news of late, they very well deserve a spot in your hamper as much as everything else in there. Add some handmade craft work like- paper flowers, bows, flower crown, etc. to add a quirky touch to your hamper!

  • Something Local

Who doesn’t like to take a little bit of celebration home? Souvenirs from where the wedding took place are a must for your hamper.

  • Something Fragrant

Fragrant soaps, candles, lotions or colognes- add them to your hamper for your guest to breath in the sweet scent of love.

  • Something Considerate

Wedding means a lot of fun and dancing; which means bumping into things; which means a couple of scratches and sprains. This is when your welcome hamper will swoop in for quick fixes! Add a medical or hangover kit with pain relief medication to keep the fun going!

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