Indian Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks for Your Special Day

Engaged and excited, aren’t you? Now that the big day is almost around the corner, it’s time to acknowledge the fact that weddings in India call for a detailed planning and a long list of things to prepare for wedding!

When it comes to grand celebrations, a little help goes a long way. Before you dive into the preparations for your big day, sit back and weigh your options to see whether there’s a more fitting alternative to everything on your checklist. While making important decisions, the right tips and tricks prove to be a blessing. Here are some wedding planning tips and tricks to give your happily-ever-after a great start-

  • Stay strict about the budget

Make sure that your list of expenses walk hand-in-hand with the budget you’ve set. Here is where your prioritising skills will come in handy. Understand which task on your list need more attention, budget wise. Book in advance, wherever possible. Choosing a weekday for the ceremony will cost you less than planning it during the weekend.

Trick- Stay in touch with your friends and relatives who just got married. They already have the solutions for the unexpected last-minute additional costs.

  • Be flexible with the dates

If you are planning to get married during the peak wedding season, don’t set your heart on a particular date. There are chances of the venue not being available on the desired date because of excess demand. Keep your options (alternative dates) handy when you are booking the venue.

  • Hire a wedding planner

Your wedding planner will be your go-to person for every wedding related concern. Apart from organising the entire ceremony, they can help you with their contacts in different areas. They can provide you with a list of decor vendors with a catalogue of their work, some well known caterers, reliable DJ artists, brilliant make-up artists and more. Right from the kind of entrance you want, to how your main stage will look like, they will bring your vision to life!

  • Shortlist ideal wedding venues

With many wedding venue ideas revolving around your head, it’s only natural to be confused when it comes to finalising one. The mild anxiety is a part of the process, so don’t worry. The venue does have a considerable effect on- the number of attendees, their convenience, hiring commute facilities, and more. But, don’t let that baffle you. Shortlist venues that take your fancy and then let practicality take over. Take your time and choose the one that fits most of your requirements.

Tip– Do a background check on the venue, for example- the quality of services, the venue space, food menu options, time limitations, policies and restrictions and the number of rooms.

  • Make excellent arrangements for your guests

The presence of your loved ones will make the celebration merrier. Make sure you arrange top notch accommodations to give them a delightful experience.

Tip– Design a detailed roadmap for guests who are new to the town and need directions to get to the venue without any inconvenience.

  • Make confirmation calls

Make confirmation calls, make them now. Confirmation calls are a must. No matter how little significance a task holds, speak to the concerned vendor and get a confirmation on it, leave no room for errors. Give them gentle reminders of their responsibilities towards the event.

  • Choose a theme

Let the chosen theme reflect in every element of your ceremony. With so many unique ideas out there, it’s easy to give in to temptation. But, to avoid confusion at every step, pick a theme and make decisions accordingly. For example, if minimalism is what you have in mind then stick to simple, elegant invitations, lighter shades when it comes to colors and keep the ceremony short and simple. If you have always wanted an extravagant celebration, go for creative invitation cards like the box style cards that come with assorted dry fruits or cookies, let your decorations be a definition of the word bling, and choose vibrant colors!

  • Hire a professional photographer

Pictures are, in a way, souvenirs that bring sweet nostalgia. Hire a professional photographer to make sure that there is a wide smile on your face when you revisit your wedding ceremony through these pictures.

Trick– You can take inspiration from the recent Bollywood weddings for fantastic poses or simply go candid!

  • Keep your wedding outfits ready

Outfits are, hands down, the most exciting part of the wedding to do list! Keep the chosen outfits ready and make sure that you’ve tried them on, twice. Also, keep a backup for every outfit as a good measure. Make heads turn as you make a fashion statement!

  • Set the timelines for all the event related tasks

Wedding planning is nothing less than taking up a project! With so many tasks lined up, the pressure is sure to get to you at some point. But, there is a solution- lists, lists and lists! Put the tasks on a list and set reasonable deadlines for every single one of them in the order of importance. Make schedules, fill up your calendar and if required set reminders on your phone to make it all easier.

Weddings can be exciting when everything falls into place. Keep your worries aside and plan rationally. We hope the Indian wedding planning tips contribute to making your wedding planning easier and help you take a sigh of relief. Do share your views in the comments section below!

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