Factors That Make A Venue Ideal for Social Gatherings

When it comes to social gatherings, the venue plays the lead. It is the very foundation of your event. Every other aspect only falls into place after you finalise a venue and understand the space where your event is going to take place.

A lot goes into making an event memorable and giving a one-of-a-kind experience to the guests. First comes a lot of research on the venues that will fit your requirements. Shortlist the venues that are ideal for your event or the ones that can be revamped to meet your event needs. With so many options available today, it is time consuming and stressful to find a venue for an event.

The venue, being a central part of your event, requires attention. Do not rush into making a decision and settle for the first one that pleases you. Measure your options and make sure that you consider all the factors before finalising one. To make this task easier for you, here are a few factors to consider when planning an event-

  • Location

All your guests would want the venue to be easily accessible. As an attendee, one would wonder- ‘where is the event happening?’, ‘is it very far?’, ‘how much time will it take to reach the venue?’. Your venue location will determine the number of guests for your event. Always put your guests’ comfort first. Make sure that there are enough commute facilities to help them reach the location.

In case of a doubt, browse ‘party venues near me’ on the internet to find venues at locations that are convenient. Also, a background check is a must; read some of the reviews before shortlisting and booking.

  • Budget

Always make a note of the amount that you want to spend on the venue. Don’t get carried away when you come across fancy-looking venues. Remember that your budget has to cover other event requirements as well- the food, sound, lights, decor, supplies, and more.

Picking dates during the off-season will help you cut down on the venue cost. Keeping a few options handy always helps.

  • Catering Services & Food

Food is instant delight and one of the factors that can make or break the event! Nobody likes to wait once they arrive at the dinner table. Make sure that the staff is polite, proactive and proficient. If you are using the in-house catering services, ask them about the food menu options, beverages, cost-per-plate. Enquire about the catering service packages, if any.

For those who want to bring their own caterers, cross check the terms and conditions along with the list of limitations.

  • Space

Here is where your list of guests comes into the picture. The number of guests and event style will determine the space that you need to host an event. Book a venue only after you have a confirmed list of guests who are attending the event. The ideal venue should be able to accommodate everyone.

If you are hosting a birthday party and wish to arrange some fun activities, look for a venue that will provide you with enough room for it. If you need the venue space all to yourself, look out for venues that do not entertain many events at the same time. Check out the party halls in Mumbai that follow this trend.

  • Services

Who doesn’t enjoy a little extra attention? Make sure to take care of your guests’ littlest inconveniences. Leave no room for complaints. The quality of the services provided, determines the quality of the event. The hygiene, the staff and electricity backup will not go unobserved.

Extra efforts for your guests will make your event worth remembering. A custom room facility for the elders, a care kit, a special menu for vegetarian guests, a box of healthy snacks for diet conscious guests- these will all add to the beauty of the event.

Adept event planners will help you achieve this by choosing the right venue for your event. There are various get-together venues in Mumbai that are great examples of excellent facilities and services.

  • Security and Technology

With many people attending the event, it’s not possible to keep an eye on everything! That’s when you must consider the security systems. Venues equipped with advanced security systems will be your saving grace if any unfavorable situation comes up. It helps you keep track of everything that’s happening during the event.

Provide your guests with free WiFi for making video calls, uploading pictures and taking your event live.

  • Commute Facility & Parking

Some venues are massive, area-wise, and have different sections based on utility. If the dinner area is 500mts away from the main hall and the accommodation is another 500mts away, you will need a transport facility within the space to take your guests from one area to another. Make sure the venue has a means of commute before you finalise it.

Also, ample parking space is a must-have if the number of guests is on the higher side. Pick a venue with a parking area that can accommodate the estimated number of vehicles on the day of your event.

Let us know what you think of our list of factors that need consideration while choosing the ideal venue for social gatherings. Do share your venue booking experiences with us in the comments section below.

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