Unique Wedding Venue Decorations: The Rise of Props and Couple’s Life Story Related Elements Inside the Venue

Impressive decoration means a delightful celebration! Your special occasion deserves to be all that, and more. Whether it’s a local wedding or a destination wedding, the ceremony has to be a dreamy affair, after all your happily-ever-after begins on this day!

We have seen a wave of change in decor trends. Wedding ceremony decorations have been in the spotlight for quite some time now. Today, it’s all in the details. It’s the little things and the intricate decor that makes a ceremony grand. Couples today are looking to add a quirky quotient to the functions and the event planners are on board with the idea! They are all for adorning central spaces with eye-catching decor arrangements.

The quintessential wedding ceremony has it all- a unique theme, wedding props and photo booths! Everything piece of decor you choose is a reflection of your taste. Some props can even be tiny glimpses into your journey of finding love. We, at Venue First, have shortlisted some of the best wedding decorations and props to help you tell your story and embellish the event-

  • Lavish Floral Installations

Flowers never go out of style! Floral vines, table centerpieces, wreaths, were and will always be the go-to stage decoration idea for weddings. Add a sweet scent to your ceremony with a bed of orchids; lilies placed in a transparent vase or a corner full of marigolds for the Mehndi function.

  • Hanging Square-shaped Instagram Frames

Do it for the gram- let the world be a part of your celebration! It’s time for you to give a hashtag to your special day. Get ready with your poses, set the angle and look fabulous in these square-shaped frames. These can be set-up as decor in one of the nooks of your venue for #InstaWorthy shots.

  • Cut-outs with Quotes

Add some love, humour and sarcasm with the right quotes and let the wedding album be a proof of your fun personality!

  • Eco-friendly Props

Pick some terrariums and succulents to make your table tops look lovely. Give back to nature by opting for paper crafts instead of the ones made from plastic!

  • Hinglish Props

These are perfect for destination weddings. When you head overseas for your dream wedding, take a little bit of your culture with you with props like turbans and garlands.

  • Playful Sign Boards

Trying to look for the right area can be confusing when the venue is massive with a separate space for everything. Place Sign Boards where necessary! Highlight the arrows/directions on the boards with bright colors. While doing so, don’t forget to give them a taste of your subtle yet sharp humor. These boards will make sure that the guests arrive in a gleeful mood to your function!

  • Lavish Centrepieces

Lavish centerpieces make for some of the best wedding reception decorations. Let your reception be the epitome of luxury. White roses or lilies arranged on a tabletop covered with luxe fabric give a regal touch to the ceremony.

  • Bollywood Style Photo Booth

Everyone loves a little drama. Pick your favourite Bollywood movie dialogues- “Palat…Palat…Palat”, Shuddh desi romance”, “Cutiepie” and such. These photo booths are perfect additions to the bollywood wedding decoration theme.

  • Mirror Installations

Let the sparkly decor be a reflection of your stunning taste. Mirror installations covered with flowers around the edges are perfect for marriage stage decoration. These are sure to make heads turn!

  • Tea Light Candles in Mason Jars

Want a simple and sober wedding reception decoration? Forget the chandeliers! Light up your wedding venue with tea light candles. Place them in mason jars and hang these jars with jute ropes across the venue. They are soothing to the eyes and bring warmth to the celebration.

We are already excited, are you? Tell us which idea excites you the most in the comments section below.

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