Unusual Venues For Your Event

In today’s date, everyone has been there, seen that! More often than not when it comes to organising an event, you look for ‘something’ different. This ‘something different’ can be a challenge with everyone trying their best to grab the spotlight.

Coming up with unconventional ideas means racking your brains for days and a whole lot of online research. People out there have already experimented with different themes, styles, the content for the event and such. Very few people consider tapping into to the venue aspect for their event! Sometimes the most expected is boring, like booking a banquet for your wedding, a dinner party at a lounge for your 25th anniversary, a conference meeting at a 5-star, etc. Pick a special event venue and give your event a fun spin.

An unconventional event venue sets the tone for the entire event and creates the necessary ‘hype’! Your efforts of giving your guests an extraordinary experience do not go unnoticed. A unique venue will speak of your creativity and makes for a great first impression. Here’s a list of unusual venues; take your pick and be ready to be the talk of the town-

  • Art Gallery

For all you art lovers, this is what you are looking for! Add that abstract touch to your event by hosting it at an art gallery. Begin the event by popping a champagne bottle in the centre of the art space. An elevating experience will get the guests excited for your upcoming events.

  • Lakeside

Host private events like wedding anniversaries, valentines’ celebration, musical concerts and weddings amidst an oasis of bliss. No matter the number of guests on your list, amazing event venues like these can accommodate them all.

  • Forts & Palaces

A ‘traditional’ yet a non-traditional event venue! Give your guests a taste of fascinating history as the impressive structures take them back in time. Forts and palaces are ideal venues for an event that requires a royal touch! Arrange for tent facility in case of uncertain weather conditions.

  • Parking Area

One big plus about this unusual venue is the massive area where there’s room for it all. Transform the parking space with proper lights, sounds and some decor for events like birthday parties, seminars and product launches.

  • Cave

The idea of hosting an event in a cave is exciting in itself! It will be an undefinable experience for your guests. Pick a cave that is not too narrow and has enough space for 30-40 people and you are set to go!

  • Treehouse

A treehouse makes sense as an event venue when the crowd is small, 10-20 people at the most. It’s perfect for homey events, or even for setting up a date. Book the venues in advance, cross-check the security measures. Give your guests the exact address of your location to help them reach the destination without any inconvenience.

  • Gym

If you are an entrepreneur who deals with everything fitness-related, then a gym will fit right into event venue requirement. The clients will get a dose of motivation to try out your sample products. It will also provide you with a good brand value.

  • Dance Studio

Let the venue set the tone and rhythm of your event! A dance studio is perfect for events like yoga, talent hunt, zumba sessions, stress busting dance sessions!

  • National Park

Host a refreshing experience for your audience amidst an immersive environment! An outdoor setup with nature smiling down on you always works in your favor. Let nature do it’s magic while you take your guests on an indulging journey.

  • Eco-Village

A perfect paradise for hosting events like talk shows, spiritual sessions, crafts exhibitions and weddings. Keep your guests entertained with everything serene while highlighting the importance of eco-friendly initiatives.

Let us know which one of the above would you go for and feel free to drop in your unique ideas in the comments section below!

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