Things to Consider While Choosing A Corporate Party Venue

Celebrating a milestone?
Want to impress potential partners?
Couldn’t have wished for better employees?
It’s time to throw an amazing corporate party!

As fun as it sounds, planning a corporate party demands proper organisation. It is actually a time consuming task. With changing times, we have observed a rise in off-site corporate events. It’s important to understand various factors that are required to plan a corporate party at a venue. Right from fixing a date to locking the venue to transforming it according to your ideas and needs- you will have too much on your platter. Experts at Venue First have made a corporate event venue guide to make the process much simpler for you-


Make a list of your employees and confirm their presence well before the event. A final guestlist is mandatory for a smooth management of the following tasks. If it’s a 100 people event, you need to have a space that can accommodate around 130 people to avoid last-minute dilemmas.

Tip– The guestlist helps you finalise the budget for other factors like, the venue, entertainment arrangements, food, decor, etc.

  • Budget

Stay strict on the budget! Make a list of expenses and prioritise. A chunk of your budget will go into renting the right venue for it is the foundation of your event. Understand the requirements and make a list of factors where you can compromise a little to make room for the ones that need more attention. One way to save money is to host the party mid-week and avoid planning it on weekends and public holidays.

Tip– Avoid Friday nights for planning a party as venues tend to be more in demand, and will cost you a bomb.

  • Venue

When in doubt, let Google be your friend- look for tips to choose venue for corporate event. Choosing the right venue is one of the most important decisions of planning a corporate party. Follow the checklist below before you shortlist the ideal corporate event venues

  1. Is the venue available on the particular date and time?
  2. Is the location easily accessible?
  3. Does it have enough space?
  4. Does it have ample parking space?
  5. Does it allow outsourcing vendors?
  6. What is the cancellation policy? Will you get a refund?

Tip– Don’t hold back; ask as many questions as you want. Leave no room for doubts.

If you are looking for corporate venues in Mumbai, then we have some amazing options that are ideal corporate party locations-

  • Tamasha (Lower Parel)

With its inviting ambience, gorgeous lighting and great service, this bar and restaurant sets the mood just right.

  • Lord of The Drinks (Lower Parel)

The name says it all! Lord Of The Drinks hosts Asia’s longest bar. Set over two floors, the bar and restaurant is incredibly spacious. Delectable drinks, an extensive cocktail menu, and food that serves your taste buds well, make it a popular lounge in Mumbai.

  • Transportation

Always put your guests’ comfort first- try to book a venue that is convenient for most! If you do plan a party at a location away from the city, then make sure to arrange for commute facilities so everyone can reach the venue without any inconvenience. The ‘when’ of your venue considerably affects the ‘where’ of your venue; consider the following when choosing the date and time of your party-

  1. Weather conditions
  2. Traffic status
  3. Peak hours of the day

  • Theme and Decor

Let your creative side take over! Pick a unique theme and arrange for the decor accordingly. The right setting can make the venue more inviting. Paint the space with your out-of-the-box ideas to give your guests an unforgettable experience. Consider the following points while choosing the theme and decor-

  1. What mood do you want to set?
  2. Does the theme require simple decor or flashy?
  3. How much are you willing to spend on the decor?
  4. Do you want to outsource the vendors, or do you want the venue professionals?
  5. Do you want to market your brand through the decor?

Tip– Keep a track of how much you are spending to make sure you don’t exhaust a massive chunk of the budget on decor.

  • Entertainment

Keep things interesting- organise fun activities that ensure everyone’s active participation. If not the activities then the music will surely get them on their feet. Hire a DJ and let the music flow! While shortlisting venues, make sure that there is enough room for a fun dance session.

Tip– Include activities and games that are quick and simple, you don’t want your party to get monotonous!

  • Food

Food is the cherry on the top of every party! A party isn’t really a party without some delicious platters on the table. If the number on your guestlist is on the higher side then go for a venue that provides a buffet service. Ask your corporate party venue these following questions

  1. Which cuisines do you serve?
  2. Which beverages do you serve?
  3. Can you opt for only snacks and starters?

Tip– Arrange to-go boxes, in case your guests want to take the leftovers with them. This will prevent food wastage.

We hope that the above checklist brought you some clarity on how to plan your next corporate party. Feel free to share your views in the comments down below.

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