Does Venue Come First or Lights, Decoration and Event Planning?

An event planning checklist is where things fall into the right order of importance. Decoration, theme, lights, sound, food and other necessary arrangements are all a part of the package. But, who is the alpha and who is the beta? Does venue come first, or the lights and decor?

Since, the venue is an empty canvas on which you can paint a vibrant picture of your event, it stands first in the line! Picking the best-suited venue and understanding the space is the first step of event planning. Do not rely on the mental picture of what the venue looks like after talking to the concerned person at the venue, or on the hazy pictures from the reviews section. It’s advisable to go see the venue in person and confirm whether it meets your expectations or not.

Every event planning guide will ask you to put the venue first. Without visiting the site, event planning and management becomes difficult, for example- the place might not be as big as you have seen in the pictures, or the natural daylight is not enough to light up the space. If you are hosting an evening event, it’s difficult to figure out which corner needs extra lighting. Venue lightning and venue decoration play a very important role in setting the right mood for the event.

Be mindful of the venue space when finalising other aspects of event planning. Many venues are quite flexible with their terms and policies, but there’s an exception to everything. Take note of the limitations. Here’s a list of questions you need to ask when you are planning an event-

  • What will be the positioning of the centre table?
  • How much space will each decor installation need?
  • Where do you want to hang your chandeliers and in what style?
  • Which flowers would look better as per the venue design and structure?
  • What will be the seating arrangement based on the event type?
  • Where can the cameras be set up for the best angles?
  • Where will the main stage be, if it’s a wedding?
  • What vibe does the venue have; is it modern, contemporary, vintage, romantic or rustic?
  • What kind of lights will set the mood for the event?
  • How would you like to plan the decor for the entire space as per the budget?
  • Where all you would like to place your direction sign boards for the guests to navigate?
  • How much time and manpower will it take to set up the venue space for the event?

None of the above questions can be answered unless you have finalised the venue. Event planning is one of the most exciting jobs, but you will only be able to win your guests’ hearts, if you know the right way to do it. Once you know the space well, take one step at a time- start with the decor and the lighting and bring your event to life!

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