Five Baby Shower Ideas That’ll Make The Occasion More Special

The journey of being a mother begins right from the moment she realizes that she is going to be one. The feeling is indescribable! As exciting as it is for her, there’s also a small cloud of anxiousness looming in the air. Thankfully, there is a cure to this anxiety and it’s called a Baby Shower- an occasion to celebrate her strength; an opportunity to shower her with love, laughter and loads of presents!

From choosing the theme and decor to shortlisting the right venues- experts at Venue First, are here to help you pamper the soon-to-be-mother! Pick up the phone, call your relatives, cousins, the girl gang and let’s get this party going with some great baby shower ideas-

  • Venue & Invitation
  1. Depending on the number of guests, check out various baby shower venues on the desired dates. Be flexible with the dates if your event falls in the peak season (or the weekend).
  2. If you are the host, take help. Lots of it. Manage things in teams of twos. It will be difficult to take care of everything on your own.
  3. Decide on the kind of venue you want- a lounge, a resort, a garden, a rooftop or a farmhouse? Google “baby shower venue near me” to make your venue hunt easy. Check out some of the terrace venues in Mumbai, like Vivette Banquet, Jade Sky etc. Put the soon-to-be-mother’s comfort first; make sure that the venue is spacious and airy.
  4. Select the style of baby shower invitations- whether you want a 3d pop-up card, a simple handwritten note or an e-card.
  5. Keep the budget in mind so you don’t end up overspending on renting the venue.
  6. Crosscheck all the services and limitations with the venue before booking one.

  • Party & Decor
  1. Colourful big balloons never go out of style.
  2. Use hanging ribbons attached to the roof with the photographs of the family.
  3. Theme-based cupcakes like the Moon & Star Duo, Animal World or Fresh Fruit Cupcakes are a great idea.
  4. Cut-outs of paper sheets in different styles and forms can be hung across the venue corners or glued on the walls.
  5. Add a hand-written ‘Thank You’ note in the goodies basket for your guests.
  6. Add exotic and tropical mocktails to your beverage menu.
  7. Use origami flowers for the centre table.
  8. Keep some homemade jam jars ready as takeaways.

  • Theme Ideas
  1. Depending on the taste and preference, choose a delightful and unique baby shower theme.
  2. If she loves flowers, adorn the venue with floral decorations using her favourite flowers. It will add to the refreshing ambience of the venue and make it look more pleasant.
  3. Consider themes like Winne-the pooh, the Bee theme with yellow and black balloons, Unicorns with homographic cups and plates or go Rustic with terrariums.

  • Photography Tips
  1. A baby shower is one of those happy occasions that is graced by smiles and laughter. Hire a professional photographer to capture every bit of the heart-warming moments.
  2. Set up a special photo booth for mom-to-be and pamper her with your undivided attention.
  3. Candids are a must!

  • Game Ideas
  1. Entertain your guests by organising fun activities like- Passing The Pillows, Musical Chairs, Name That Tune, etc.
  2. You can even make it interesting by arranging guessing games like- Guess the gender! Will the baby be more like the mother or the father? What will the be the baby’s first word?
  3. Make sure the activities ensure everyone’s participation. Keep them simple so the mom-to-be can participate without being exhausted.

We hope that these baby shower ideas help you host a party that will be spoken about at the baby’s birthday parties and every get-together! Feel free to drop your unique ideas in the comments section below!

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